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Air Purifying System

The Top Major Environmental Problems at Present

As the air quality in our surroundings is getting deteriorate, the problems of air contamination are concomitantly becoming more serious. According to the results of scientific research, if human body is exposed to contaminated air for prolonged time, the respiratory system and immune system of human being will bear very great pressure so as to bring about problems in the health issue.

When we are situated in a modern megalopolis, everywhere is full of harmful substances. While there is not much we can do about improving the situation of outdoor quality, the only thing we can do is just to stay as far as possible in indoor environment where the air quality could be cleaner and better. This is now the cause why the demand for air purifiers is ever increasing in the market.

The Four Major Sources of Air Contamination: -

  1. Micro Organisms – bacteria and viruses
  2. VOCs, Formaldehyde, Benzene, etc.
  3. Airborne particulates
  4. Unpleasant smell and odour

Air Contamination harmful to human bodies

The most stimulating and commonest symptoms are headache, running nose, stuffed-up nose, cough, asthma, etc, and the state to be most easily noticed is sensitive reflection which includes such symptoms as headache, stomach sick, skin allergy, breathing problem, fatigue and sleepy, itchy eyes, ENT dryness, etc. In fact, working or living in severely air polluted environment for prolonged time will increase the burden of immune system to human bodies, hence causing the problems to our lung and respiratory system accordingly. Meanwhile, it also increases the risk chances of suffering from heart and blood veils disease to human beings.

Cleaner Air, Healthier Life

BioZone® 5-in-1 Filterless Air Purifier with Plasma Technology, the solution for your excellent Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Photo Plasma – Most effectively reduce bacteria, viruses, mould and VOCs. Also, remove airborne VOCs and unpleasant odour.

Deep UV Light – Clear micro-organism that passes through the surface of equipment and minimize the bacteria and viruses to grow.

Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) – Destroy VOCs on the surface of special materials, reduce the growth rate of bacteria and remove odour effectively.

Negative Ions – Cut down the concentration degree of harmful chemicals; balance the quantity of positive ions making the air quality fresher.

Ozone (O3) – Reduce the quantity of germs, viruses, mold and VOCs while destroying airborne VOCs and unpleasant odour.

99.99% Destroy bacteria & viruses

  • H1N1 Influenza
  • Hand Foot & Mouth Disease
  • EV71

Product Advantages

  • No filter device, traps no bacteria
  • Biozone 5-in-1 technology assuring excellent performance in eliminating biological contaminants
  • Less than RM5 monthly electricity consumption for 24 hours x 30 days continuous operation
  • Destroys odours, bacteria, viruses, moulds, fumes and other airborne impurities
  • Remove unpleasant odours from cigarette smoke, pets, chemicals, etc.

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Air Purifiers - BioZone® PR10 / PR30

Genuine Pure Air for Homes & Offices. Improve indoor air quality and provide healthier home and working environments.

Air Purifiers - BioZone® AirCare AC10 / AC30

BioZone air purifiers actually eradicate unpleasant odours and destroy bacteria and viruses. AirCare units are specifically designed for sanitary facilities; they are vandalism resistant and easy to install and maintain.…

Air Purifiers - BioZone® PowerZone PZII

The high power curative solution, PowerZone, purifies the entire area in which it is placed. The PowerZone is portable and is used on demand (without human beings being present) to recover a perfectly healthy atmosphere.…

Air Purifiers - BioZone® Pure Road™ V50

PureRoad™ : Mobility, as simple. PureRoad™ is a nomad purifier who can be used both in vehicles or in premises.…

Air Purifiers - BioZone® IceZone Series

Designed for icemakers, the IceZone technology divides their maintenance cost by 5. The return on investment is effective in less than 6 months: the monthly maintenance is substituted by an annual lamp change.…

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